How to use our catalog system

To begin, select which type of car you have from the Catalogs dropdown menu or use the Search dropdown to search for the proper catalog page for the parts you're looking for. The links from the Catalogs dropdown bring you to a page with thumbnails of all the catalog pages. You can click on these thumbnails to go to that specific page. From there you can click on parts to bring up their part number, description, and price. This also allows you to put the part in your shopping cart.

Our online catalog now allows you to select your preferred currency for pricing. You will see the price in your preferred currency when using the catalog, viewing your cart, and submitting your order or quote. This preference will be saved between visits to our site so you should only have to set it once. The conversion rates are updated every hour.

You might see "Part X of Y" after the price of a part. This indicates that the part picture represents more than one part. Sometimes this means that right and left are the same picture and sometimes it indicates variation based on serial number or color. You can click on a part multiple times in order to cycle through the various parts.

You can now also click in the parts list on the right hand side to select parts. This will allow you to more easily find parts by their description if you are unsure of what a particular part looks like. Also, you can use the list to cycle through the various part numbers associated with each picture. The part you are currently viewing will be highlighted in the list.

Some parts have full-color photos. If you see a full-color photo in the part details area then you can click on it to make it full size. We are working to include additional photos on an ongoing basis.

We also have a wide range of used parts. We do have some common used items in our catalogs but otherwise please feel free to inquire about any parts new or used that you don't find in our catalogs.