Pat Kidder - co-owner

K&K Manufacturing was started in August of 1982 in the home and garage of Tim & Pat Kidder. We took over making parts for Barry Stuart who started making floor parts for the 190SL. My wife was 7 months pregnant with our second child when I quit my job to go full-time into this business. My 3 year old son had to wear safety glasses to watch TV because of my hand-cutting steel parts in our living room. We grew from our home into a 12,000 sq ft. building on 11 industrial acres by 1986.

We strongly believe that God has sustained us through these times and blessed this business despite our shortcomings. We believe that God owns everything including K&K Mfg. Inc. and we are priviledged to run it. We give honor and glory to God for all He has done for us through the years.

We started making 190SL parts and around 1988 started making parts for the 113 chassis cars, the 230-280SLs, and now the 107 chassis cars, 350-450SLs. We started with rust repair parts and branched into most others, as you will see when you browse through the catalog. We are the world's only manufacturer of many of these parts. Contained in our facility are a pattern shop, tool making, and 6 presses from 50 to 300 tons.

You will receive personalized service from Tim, Steve, or Jeff. In addition to manufacturing parts we have also restored over 40 cars. This has provided us with a good working knowledge of what it takes. We are constantly striving to be the leader in production parts for the Mercedes Benz coupe and convertible models from the '50s through the '70s. Many of the parts also fit the sedans.

We encourage any and all suggestions and comments about the catalog or future items to reproduce. Thanks for your interest in our company and may God bless you.

~Tim Kidder