Technical Data and Information

WORKSHOP MANUALS:Three workshop manuals are available which are pertinent to the 190SL. We no longer stock these manuals but can order them. They are 190 Service Manual (#S1207-000), the Suppliment Manual (#S-1204-111) and the 180-220SE Service Manual (#S1201-000.) The most popular and complete are the 190 Service Manual and the Suppliment Manual.

ORIGINAL INVOICES: The original factory invoice is available for your car. You can write to MBNA, One Mercedes Drive, Montvale, NJ. 07645. Attn: Public Relations Dept. Send a photo-copy of your title to prove ownership and to give them the serial number. Make sure the number matches your car. It takes about 6 weeks. If MBNA fails to get it, write to Daimler-Benz Archives, 7000 Stuttgart 60, West Germany. Remember, it takes a while so be patient.

PRODUCTION DATA AND CHASSIS NUMBERS: Your 190SL may not be titled the same year it was built. This happened frequently. The changes that were made during the years of manufacture were many and were done by chassis number designation not by year. It is therefore important to have the serial number of your car and even some of the components when purchasing parts. On the Serial Number page you will see the locations of where to find the serial numbers for the chassis, engine , front suspension and rear axle. Following are production numbers and chassis numbers for each year:


DB-40 Black
DB-50 White
DB-158 White Gray
DB-166 Blue Gray
DB-180 Silver Metallic
DB-190 Graphite Gray
DB-334 Light Blue
DB-534 Fire Engine Red
DB-543 Strawberry Red Metallic
DB-608 Ivory
DB-213 Pearl Green
DB-380 Dolphin Blue

Floors and Frame Bottom:
DB-169 Dark Gray
19593,94995.00001-95.02398 (Up to July)
195910.014211-10.015762 (After July)